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Updated links picking up Model GUID in Revit 2018

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Updated links picking up Model GUID in Revit 2018


Since our current project has gone to Revit 2018 I am seeing an issue when updating the links. I update the links, and the next time any team member synchs the file I see the Model GUID appear after the link name in Manage Links. My current solution is to Reload From and pick up each linked file from the cloud again but this is not a long term solution. Links.png













I see that the solution for a damaged/corrupt C4R model is to clear it from the cache. Can anyone let me know if this is something that needs to be cleared from each team members cache or if I clear it from mine will it be sufficient? Our team is spread over a number of sites and time zones and coordinating the clearing of cache files will only be worth it if I know that the solution below will work.


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