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Unable to access my own cloud model

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Unable to access my own cloud model

I created a 30 days trial on bim 360 team and have been using it for a few days with two others and suddenly I can't access my own project. I am project admin and the others are editors. I can't access the project but they can and when I open it i get the message "You do not have access to the project for this model" and then the message "An error occured while contacting the central model which prevents the local model from being opened" and there is still 18 days left of my trial.

No access to project.JPGCan't connect to central model.JPG

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I'm currently also teaching a University class on BIM360 Team, as a side note you can request Education licenses to Collaboration for Revit from Autodesk so you don't require the trial license. 


In terms of your issue, several days ago Autodesk resolved a longstanding problem which you can read here (C4R Subsciption Enforcement Starts October 19th). When you go into do you see Collaboration for Revit in your listed Products & Services and is it attached to your correct hub? 


Few things you can test which helped me solve a similar issue:

  • Go onto BIM 360 Team check if you can access the files in the hub/folder you have created for the project. 
  • Can you sign into another machine running revit and do you have the same issue? 
  • When someone that is currently in the team which can run the model, when you open up the Workset dialogue box, do you see your name anywhere in the borrowers/owners list. Could be a conflict somewhere. 


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