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Two hours to load C4R Model into Revit 2017!!?

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Two hours to load C4R Model into Revit 2017!!?

Typical for a sizable model to load via C4R in 2 hours? 

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Hi @mdhutchinson 

I see you are running into a long load time while opening a BIM 360 model. 

There could be a lot of factors that would play into the load time. The first would be to check your internet download speed. And if you have any firewalls that might be hidden.


Other possible causes would be addins affecting the model when opening. 


Also to make sure you are on the latest update with Revit 2017. Making sure Revit accelerator is not disabled.  

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The latest Windows update looked to fix this issue.

Load time went from 2 hours down to 12 minutes.  😊

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