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Turn existing project in an underlay tone

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Turn existing project in an underlay tone

I have no idea how to even word a search for what I am looking to do, but whatever I did search came up with nothing relating to my issue; thus, here I am posing the question to the community.


We have projects we have done and closed out now, and a year down the road, the clients are coming back asking for more work. Currently, we link all backgrounds so that they can be half toned, and then our work for that project is placed on those linked models so that its darker and stands out more (see picture below).


Now that we need to start a new project, I dont want to lose all the notes/views.tags and such already set up in the project, but I also cannot have the older work darker (I need it underlayed like a revit link). If I were to just link the model to a new project, I would lose a lot of work already done.


Which brings me to my question;


Can I somehow take a project and make everything in the project turn into underlay or a revit link from within Revit? As you can see below, my current project work pops out more than the Revit linked background, and I would need everything currently there to be the same color as a linked background (this way, I do not lose any views/sheets/notes/etc, and when I place the new work, it would be a darker tone than the rest of the previous work/existing revit background used in the last project). 


Current Project + Revit Link.JPG


Thanks in advance for any and all help/discussion on the matter. If you have any questions or need more information regarding the topic, please feel free to ask and I can usually respond within a couple minutes assuming I'm not on my lunch break. Would be really nice if there was a way to do this and would save me a lot of time when creating the new project (all my sheets/views would already be created).


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Phasing would get you most of the way there if you don't want to link


I'm guessing that currently it is all on the new construction phase...if you add a phase after that for your new work, the older work will be considered existing and will show lighter. 



If you want to move it to the existing phase you can combine the New Construction phase with Existing and it will leave  you with just the existing you can add your new phase which will show darker than the existing...depending of course on your view phase settings and phase filter.



These graphics only apply to modeled elements not annotative change those you can select them and override and set to halftone



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