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Trying to view devices in Architectural View

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Trying to view devices in Architectural View

Looking for a way to make specific objects viewable in a view with the discipline set to Architectural.

I have a model that has communication devices on it. these devices are visible if the view discipline is set to Coordination.

However, as soon as I switch to Architechural these devices are not visible in plan view. I've tried every avenue of visibility graphics and settings, view range, family parameters, line weights, styles, etc. that i can think of. No matter what I do, as soon as I switch to an Architechural view, these items disappear. 


Anybody know the answer?

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi jbohannonKHKS3,


Is there a specific reason why you would like to rather see the Architectural View Discipline rather than the Coordination View discipline? 90% of the time I work in a view with the View Discipline set to Coordination
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in reply to: HermanSolomon

A client of mine uses only Architectural view templates and has all of their work processes set up that way. I'm trying to be nice and make it easy for them to see my devices. It would also eliminate alot of confusion when my devices dont show up in certain views.

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