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Trial mode

I have a client who has purchase 1 C4R and is working with another company also using C4R


With my client and their 1 subscription, they have several other users who have BIM 360 Team subscriptions, but not C4R and yet they can open and work on the cloud model via C4R.


They have not signed up for a trial, but I am assuming that because the other company invited them into the project and they have opened the cloud model successfully, that Revit has activated their C4R as a trial.


I can't find any information on whether this is what has happened on the Autodesk site, other that if you begin a BIM 360 Trial, the signing up process also asks if you would like to activate the C4R trial.


My questions are:


a) is this what has happened (I can't think of any other way they could open the model from the project, work on it and sync etc.)


b) if this is the case, then how do you know how many days left you have on the C4R trial? (I can't see this information anywhere. normally this would be via the trial Hub, but they are working on an activated Hub)




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Surprised there is no answer to this. Question b is most relevant in my case.

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