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There is already a Revit Model with the same name

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There is already a Revit Model with the same name

What a pain in the butt.


So we have a large project and not all of our consultants are using A360.  We have an updated structural model that I wanted to upload to the hub...but you can't just upload, you have to 'initate' C4R.   When i did so, it said "there is already a revit model with the same name...".  I double checked to see if the model had been there was no file with the same name.  


My workaround was to upload to another projects' folder and them move it over.


Seems like a bug.



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in reply to: SethO

there are 2 different systems for managing your model(s); the C4R space and the A360 space - both are not the same.


you control/manage models in the C4R via the 'Manage A360 Models' button in Revit; you can rename, delete, relinquish, etc...


you control/manage models in the A360 space via the A360 Team Hub web site


You can publish the model(s) from the C4R space to the Team Hub Space (A360 Team Hub) via the publish operation from the 'Manage A360 Models' button in Revit.




The icon that looks like a blue box with an upwards arrow, is the icon you click-on to publish your model to A360 Team Hub.


(forgot to mention)

C4R can only have a unique name for the model(s). if you want to maintain the same name of a new version (of the model), then you will need to delete the existing model on the C4R side, then re on-board the model to the C4R space.


Currently, there it's not possible to put any .rvt file into the A360 Team Hub and have it convert to a C4R model automatically. that would be nice, but probably not anytime soon. You could think of the A360 Team Hub as sort of an on-line archiving mechanism where you maintain archives of your model(s).


Hope this helps to clear things up a bit. it seemed a bit confusing at first on our side, then it became more clear the more we, and our consultants, worked with both services.



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