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There is a bug about publishing from C4R to BIM 360 Team.

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There is a bug about publishing from C4R to BIM 360 Team.



Our company is using C4R and BIM 360 TEAM system and very focused on them.

I found a issue of publishing and identified the cause.


We are putting a model linking several model  on C4R. In this situation, if we publish the model to BIM360TEAM, BIM 360 TEAM applies to the publish settings of the last linked model. We can not publish the central model.


At first we were very confused about this. In Autodesk help or this forum, you just made a link to the publish settings. Otherwise, you only recommended Revit version upgrade. We tried all the countermeasures,  serching helps, Revit version uppgrade and so on,but it did not work. And we finally found out above reason.


I think that Autodesk sales representatives are apologizing robots. There is no motivation to improve there.

I expect that Autodesk engineers see this posting, make improvements and try to make really good ones.

Again, we are focusing on C4R and BIM 360 TEAM technologies and believe it is a very excellent technology. I believe that your sincere responses will be good for each other. I want to bet on the pride of Autodesk engineers.



Hiroshi Mori.


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Thank you for contacting forum.


Could you please confirm following article,

Collaboration for Revit: Models containing links to other BIM 360 Team projects block Publish operat...


that article is regarding using Desktop Connector, or please try to use it




Hiroshi Senou

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