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Tekla to Revit import

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Tekla to Revit import

Working with Revit 2016, Tekla 21.0.


I have exported a model from Tekla using the ExportToRevit extension.  I then import this file into Revit with the ImportFromTeklaToRevit.  I'm not sure what to consider a large file but this import has been running for 3 days.  It has imported about 2/3 of the 56000 objects.  It looks like it imports about 500 objects at a time and then the whole process locks up for a long time.  It restart and will do the next 500.


I'm more of a Tekla user, so any suggestion on how this import should be done would be appreciated.


I did try just open the IFC created by Tekla but Revit went not responding on that as well.



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in reply to: mwboehmer

Hi, there are pretty big fails in the Revit API that this link can't work around - nor can Dynamo ( which is API dependent)

Use the latest software, the latest links and check workflows. Guidance on workflows is found here.

Don't send rebar or bolts.

Does this help?


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in reply to: helsinki_dave

Hi David,

Thanks for the information.

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in reply to: mwboehmer

just finished a stadium with Tekla as structural Software

We abandoned the Plugin and used IFC

in Revit, Link IFC don't Import/Open

There were still issues around Centerlines etc 

but all in all it worked OK

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in reply to: mwboehmer

I think we do need to give credit to Angel and the Open-source Revit IFC Import team. We have come a long way from Revit 12 where IFC Import was a clear embarrassment. Things are vastly better now and legal teams are much more comfortable writing IFC into Employers Information Requirements.

Note also the Tekla Structures has full support for Revit basepoint and Revit Levels in IFC export for Tekla Structures 2016i.
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Dear Brother,

I try to import revit 2016 to tekla 2016i. I have one problem in importing. Tekla Structure asked me "Profile conversion file". Where can i get these conversion file or how can i make conversion file? Please guide me.

Please see attachment for my problem.


Aung Kyaw Swarimport error.jpg

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