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Tekla IFC, pours into Revit

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Tekla IFC, pours into Revit



I'm trying to get a structural Tekla-file into Revit, where the concrete, reinforcement and steel is designed. When trying to import or link IFC I recieve from the Tekla-guy, everything is interpered as Generic Models. Basicly, this is OK, because I just want to concrete/steel filters on cut- and surface pattern and I can filter on parameters. The problem is that Tekla only export surfaces, so I cannot differantiate cut- from surface.


As I see it, there are three possibilities:

-The Tekla export. Different settings? I understand these are quite standard. I see some using a Revit extension in Tekla, and an add-in in Revit. The engineer is reluctant to using this solution. Doesn't expect any input on this possibility in this forum.

-Third party IFC managmant. Can I create solids from the surface using a 3rd party software? SimpleBIM, Inventor?

-Revit import. Different import-settings? Dynamo script? I've checked with a Dynamo-able colleague, which didn't have any immediate solution...


Do anyone have any similar experience? Have tried searching the forums without any luck.

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You can export the Tekla Model to AutoCAD, then use "Polyhedral Mesh to Solid" (In the Autodesk Apps store) to convert the Tekla model to 3D Solids in AutoCAD. Then import the solids into Revit.

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Sounds like a possible solution, but do you get the IFC-paramteres along with it? Would prefer to be able to create filters based on material.

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