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Team Invite

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Team Invite

I have sent a team invite for an individual to gain access to a project via collaborate for Revit multiple times and they have never received the email. Just wondering if there is something else I need to do. I need this solved soon so they can access the project. Thanks. 

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in reply to: andrewrider

Hi Andrew,


If the person you're inviting isn't receiving the email at all, typically there are two scenarios that cause this.


1. Verify that you are using the your exact account id email address for this member to invite them.

  • We've seen a few cases where if the address used isn't the exact account ID email address for the person being invited, they don't get it. Outlook can handle different variations of an email address and get it to the person, i.e. wrightb, bwright, brettwright, etc. however A360 can not.
  • Have the person being invited log into their and verify the email is exact that you're using to invite them with.

2. Another item to check is to make sure either the recipient isn't' running any Firewalls or Ad Blockers that might prohibit them getting these invites.

This article here will allow them to make sure they aren't blocking anything inadvertently. 


3. One other way to test this is to try and invite someone else within that users same office to see if someone else in their network is able to receive your email invite.

Let me know if you are still having trouble after you check the above.



Brett Wright
Community Manager
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in reply to: BrettWright

They never did see the email but I had them logon to the BIM 360 team site and then it seemed to acknowledge that they were on the project. We are good now.  

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