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takes too long to open model from cloud-Urgent help needed

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takes too long to open model from cloud-Urgent help needed

Can someone put light on this area, what to check if models are taking too long to open.

we facing problem, models taking more than half n hr to open model from cloud.


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in reply to: vic1z

Thank you for your posting @vic1z . 


Please refer to the articles:

Cloud workshared models are slow to open and use in Revit

File size increase and slow opening Revit cloud workshared model

Network Recommendations


Make sure all users are installed to the latest update. Also you can try to review/audit models including links, if any possible corruption in the models cause slowness. 


Please refer to this post:

VERY slow opening and sync times after 2018.1.1 update



Yuri Kim
Product Support Specialist, AEC

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