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Suggestions for C4R

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Suggestions for C4R

What I miss is that I only can link Revit projects and no other formats like IFC, dwg etc. It would be great when I could link all files from A360.

It would also be very nice that my comments in the communicator would be linked to A360.
And I would like to get the communicator available for the whole project team, so also for people who don’t use Revit can communicate with the project team. 

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Hi @simone.vanloon


I recommend using A360 Sync for the linked files and have the other user perform the same thing. Hopefully this will be incorporated in the near future.

If this information was helpful, please consider using the Accept Solution

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in reply to: simone.vanloon

Hi @simone.vanloon

Thank you for your suggestion and nice idea! It would be more valuable if this is posted to A360 IdeaStation:


You will get votes from other users on this idea and this is monitored actively by our Development team. The most voted idea will be reviewed more closely by our teams. 


Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more help on this.

Yuri Kim
Product Support Specialist, AEC
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in reply to: simone.vanloon

Hi Simone,
Please check out our "BIM Communicator for Revit and web" at
We have developed exactly this product with features like; real-time messaging, model-synch, task management, file transfer etc right inside Revit and a web client for non-Revit users too 🙂

If you would like free licenses to evaluate and review the product then feel free to contact us via our web site.

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