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student problem activating Revit 2017

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student problem activating Revit 2017



I'm not sure to have choosen the proper forum for this, by the way.


I've downloaded Revit 2017 from the student software community, on my Windows 10 64bit pc, and regularly recieved the email with the details for the activation. the problem is: when I type the serial number in the activation box i get this message "The serial number you entered is not valid. Try again. (1)" and can't go on.


I'm working on an important project at the moment and would much need your help.



Thank you,


Giulio de Nonno



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Good afternoon Elvis

Among the Autodesk website at student sector after login check the products you have and will show them their serial number and product key. I believe that for some reason you found in the email may be different from this.
After attempt to install with the product number and key number information found on your login.


I have helped.
Good luck.

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I am yet to activate my 2017 revit as well. I have not gotten the mail so i have no serial number and product key.How do you check your downloaded products and get the serial and product keys from the website please?


Thank you.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi @Anonymous,


Welcome to the Community!


This type of question can be posted on the Installation & Licensing board, but no worries 😉


Are you sure the Serial Number you got by mail is for Revit 2017 ? You might actually have downloaded a different release of the product. Please try & follow again the steps to request the Student version of Autodesk Revit 2017:


How to get a student version of Autodesk products


Once done, you and @Anonymous should be able to find the Serial Number and Product Key on Autodesk Account. Please refer to the following online solution:


Find Serial Numbers & Product Keys for Educational Licenses


Hope this helps.

Simona Golisciano

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