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Shortcuts Revit 2017 don't work

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Shortcuts Revit 2017 don't work

My shortcuts in Revit 2017 don't work. But the crtl commands, for example ctrl + c and ctrl + v, do work. In other programs such as MS Word all the keys work as usually.  The other commands only work when I click on the buttons in the ribbon at the top of Revit. 


I have tried to solve the problem with the following things:


- Imported the standard keyboard shortcuts of Revit 2017

- Deinstalled all Revit programs and reinstalled Revit 2017 with the standard settings

- Connected a external keyboard 

- Installed the latest keyboard driver


The problem is, when someone else controls my computer with TeamViewer, de shortcuts do work. Only at my computer the shortcuts won't work.


Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

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in reply to: TM1995

Hello @TM1995,


If you hold the Alt key down, do you see the shortcuts on top of the buttons like you see in te picture below?

button shortcuts.png


And when you open the Keyboard Settings dialog box, do you see the shortcuts there?


Did you try to install Revit update 2017.1?

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Kind regards,
Robert Klempau
Senior Consultant AEC
Cadac Group AEC BV

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