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Shared Parameter support thru A360?

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Shared Parameter support thru A360?

We're working on an A360 subscribed project, and I just recieved a call from the Mechanical Engineer that we've taken ownership of their "Shared Parameter" file, and they were unable to load families or modify any project parameters until I synced to central.


Here's the catch.  I've never opened their model in my lifetime.


How would my account own anything in their project?  If we have a pipe tied to a connector in their file, would A360 handshake these items?


I'm at a complete loss to how this would take place.  We have a .RVT file in the project I have been in, and I've also built our shared parameter file we use internally, along with all of our "template" files, so I can see why my account gets branded as owner, but not across a file I've never been in, or belongs to our company even.


The system message from worksharing actually stated a request for "Shared Parameter FIle".


To my knowledge, there is no ownership of this file at all.

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Thank you for your post in the community.  In this case, if it somehow has ownership of this file, one quick way to overcome this would be to have the user on the sub side, change the user name in revit (temporarily) to yours, then open the model in question, save as a new central and then change the name back to the original Revit user name, and then verify they have access again.  I suspect a glitch in communication of the model itself and this “jump” should help.  Please keep us posted and let us know how this worked out and if you have any questions.  Thank you. 


<in order>


1.  Change username in Revit for Project:


2.  Relinquish user in revit:

Michael Bussiere II
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I was able to release it by opening their file on A360 and synchronizing. There's a number of us very "Green" to A360, so we're treading lightly, and looking for logic of how it works.

I was just not aware of any Workset ownership relation to shared parameters.
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Hi Michael,


Thanks for the reply but I was not able to do the ol' revit user name switcheroo do to the fact that it is a A360 project.  In order for me to have access to the project I have to be logged into my A360 account which locks my user name to my A360 account name.  There is no changing it. 


I remember running into issues like this in previous versions like 2012 and 2013 but I have not seen it in a while.

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