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Shared coordinates system: best to set before BIM 360 Design upload or after?

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Shared coordinates system: best to set before BIM 360 Design upload or after?

Shared coordinates system: best to set before BIM 360 Design upload or after everything is in the cloud already? I typically create all of my links while creating my projects Revit files for all disciplines (we have all engineering in-house). One is the Structural/Architectural model, one for the MEP model and one that I always create for site information. The site one is important to me so that I can have topo accurately cut in all of my sections and elevations. This eliminates the need to create a bunch of "Earth" filled regions everywhere (Which I am sure is a common practice).


The main reason to include a site file is to establish the Shared Coordinate system. My question is based on the fact that I always create these site files up front. I set the Shared Coordinates system and publish to all the other models (MEP and A/S) like one would normally do at the very beginning. Basically I want to know if there is any benefit of doing so BEFORE I upload everything to the cloud. Or is it better to setup Shared Coordinates after the cloud upload? 


Even deeper yet, does the BIM 360 Design cloud see the previously setup shared coordinate system upon upload or does the Shared Coordinates system need to be re-set back up after an upload?


I have not had the time to try this and would love for an experienced user and/or Autodesk representative clear this one up for us.


Thanks for your time

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Hi @Anonymous


Here is some feedback from the Product Manager:


"Previously defined Shared Coordinates are not modified in any way as a result of initiation into Revit Cloud Worksharing.

The only real difference is that the "Publish Coordinates" workflow for Shared Coordinates is not possible with Revit Cloud Worksharing. The converse workflow, "Acquire Coordinates" is possible in both on-premise and cloud work sharing.


You can read more on the topic HERE


Please select the Accept as Solution button if my post solves your issue or answers your question. Likes welcome!




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Thank you for your help Viveka. That is precisely what I was looking for.

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You are welcome @Anonymous


Glad to hear that helped!




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