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Shared Coordinates cannot be updated??!!

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Shared Coordinates cannot be updated??!!

I hope I am reading this wrong because if not I can pretty much guarantee that my team will be dropping C4R like a red-headed step-child.  One of the users is trying to adjust the location of one of the buildings on the site but is unable to.  Message says the object is pinned.  She tries to unpin it but the option is greyed out.  Autodesks website seems to indicate that Shared Coordinates cannot be modified between C4R projects.  I seriously hope thats not the case!  Can someone please shed some light on this?  Shared coordinates is the lifeblood of a large project.  I seriously hope they figured that out before releasing C4R.  Please, someone tell me I am misunderstanding their explanation.  Thanks.

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Hi @shawnphillips


You can update shared coordinates via the "Acquire Coordinates" workflow:

Andrea K

Technical Support Specialist

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Except that the solution (Steve's blog post) doesn't mention how to change the location of a linked site / building model *after* shared coordinates have been acquired. Can anyone elaborate on this point?

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