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Selection, mark ups, properties, compare issues

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Selection, mark ups, properties, compare issues

Hi all.


I just started using BIM 360 Team (and C4R) and am having a lot of issues. Any help with any of these issues would be greatly appreciated!


1. Sometimes I can make mark ups and comments and sometimes it's greyed out and says "Please wait till the model loads". I've been able to do mark ups at some point and then I can't later on (I've had the model up for almost 3 days). The properties bar also says "Object properties loading...".


2. In the cases I am able to mark it up, the point actually shows up SO far from where I actually clicked so it's completely pointless.

3. I can't select anything, it changes color when I hover over objects but can't actually select anything. 

4. On the View/Sheets tab on the left side, I don't get all the categories like the Demo project. (The tool that allows you to select all Doors for example and hides everything else/wireframes it)

5. When I use Compare Versions, it shows the model but it doesn't show any of the changes. The side by side/overlay button doesn't come up either (still can't select anything)

6. Can't open Communicator




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