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Section Boxes in linked Models

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Section Boxes in linked Models



I have an Architectural Model with Sections corresponding to Sheets in that file. My sections are located in this file

I have an MEP file linked where I can work through my MEP without playing with my ARCH file.

I am seeing if there's a way to show sections boxes that correspond with my ARCH sheets on my MEP views 


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Since section boxes are view specific, I think you would need to set the link V/G to by "Linked view"

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That's what I assumed to but there doesn't seem to be a 'Section' or Section Box override in the Links VG. I'm assuming it would be difficult for Revit to find the sheets in the file to reference. I use the 2021 version it may have been updated since

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@bulltj1  The better way to MEP visuality in the section box on the ARCH file is to filter and configure in V/G. you should also change the discipline to plumbing or electrical

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