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Save as copy of a Backup Version of a Cloud Model

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Save as copy of a Backup Version of a Cloud Model

I wan to do something as simple as do 'Save as' of a Backup Version of a Cloud Model.

There is an Autodesk article: "Collaboration for Revit: Downloading previous copies of models"


This article give us 3 options but none of them allows you to do
1. From the 'Collaboration cache' you have a very limited number of backup files you can use.
2. From 'Manage A360 Models' you can't just 'save as' to go back and retrieve something and have to be careful because if you restore a previous version you loose all the work done after that - you have to Save as before you restore a old version, restore the old version, retrieve whatever you needed and then recreate a central model (thus stop everyone from working and cause a major disruption)
3. You can only retrieve published models (worthless as a backup safeguard)

Any ideas how to do this without stopping the whole team from working and having to recreate the Central Model?

Is Autodesk going to make this process any easier in the future?

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in reply to: Vasco_Pereira

There is a connector from that can be installed on a local file server but it isn't cheap. With that connector you're able to do your enterprise level backups.

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in reply to: Vasco_Pereira

This is honestly one of the most lacking things in regards to C4R (up there with CAD Links and overwriting consultant files).  We have run into several situations where a roll back with a save as would have saved us time and work.


As you correctly noted those 3 options do not cover the most obvious case for backups.  With Revit Server and general Server Worksharing we are able to backup as we see fit as a firm.  With C4R, not so much.


I really hope Autodesk addresses this issue (along with CAD linking and Model overwriting) in a coming update.

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in reply to: nbower

This is still a big challenge for us.


nbower you picked our top 3 main workflow problems.


If anyone has worked out a better solution than overloading A360 with publishes as a means of having backups please advise.


I'm sure autodesk you hadn't thought of publish used for this purpose.

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in reply to: Victory1

This issue is also important to us. As pointed out above there isn't a clear workflow and as a result we end up wasting time every day on ensuring we have backed up our files.


I would at least like the download button through the web interface not to automatically open Revit. The bulk download feature seems to be painfully slow.

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