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Save as Cloud Model greyed out in new install of Revit 2021

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Save as Cloud Model greyed out in new install of Revit 2021

I just upgraded to Revit 2021 and have followed the recommended steps to upgrade a cloud shared file in BIM 360 by downloading it, opening in 2021 to update the file, then save as a cloud model in a new BIM 360 project. However, the Save as Cloud Model option is greyed out in the 2021 install. It works in 2020 without any issues. My Autodesk account is logged in and the BIM 360 location appears in the bottom left menu in the Revit open screen. I appreciate any advice! Thank you. 

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Did you go to Collaborate > Collaborate in Cloud?

Toan Nguyen
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While you can use the Collaborate -> Collaborate in Cloud to create a Cloud Workshared model.  There is also an option to save a nonworkshared model to BIM 360 using Save Cloud Model.

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One correction to Jamie's comment, "Save as Cloud Model" works for both workshared (Revit Cloud Worksharing) and non-workshared ("Cloud Models for Revit") cloud models, so you can use either the Save as Cloud Model UI or Collaborate->Collaborate in the Cloud to achieve the same result.


That said, going to Collaborate->Collaborate in the Cloud can be a helpful diagnostic of why Save as Cloud Models is grayed out. Are you able to use that functionality or are you blocked there as well?

Last but not least, it is no longer the recommended practice to create a new project for upgrade. Since the move to Document Management-based projects in 2018 it is possible to use the Cloud Model Upgrade service to upgrade your whole project in place with one click. You may want to look into that option instead, however I'd want to ensure you have a properly functioning 2021 install first so that you can access your project once it's upgraded.

Sasha Crotty
Director, AEC Design Data

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