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Roof not visible in sections

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Roof not visible in sections

I've been tasked with showing various layers of soil makeup from boring samples in 3D and 2D. After some experimenting I was able to set up different topography levels and they are looking really great in section cut by setting up my phases and phase filters.  I was even able to set up with the roof tool areas that are 60 feet in radius with different layers that follow the contours of my topography using roof by face.  The problem is that in my sections the roof by face elements are not showing up in most of my cuts.  If I cut the section before the roof with a clipping plane that reaches the roof it shows and sometimes depending on where I cut through the roof in section it shows but in most anywhere I try and cut a section the roof by face does not show.  I've checked phase settings, "hide at scale coarser than" settings, and nothing.  I've attached some screenshots if anyone can shed some light or suggest another program I might export to...

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Thank you for your post.  It looks like, you are trying to use the roof based family to then make these visual representations for your topo surfaces and cuts, but are seeing that not all elements are showing up.  Is that correct?


In this case, if I am understanding this correctly, the issue could be linked to the family you chose to create the elements with (roof family).  The family is not designed in that fashion (to my knowledge, anyone in the community please feel free to jump in), but may be better suited with a custom created family that is not dependent on the roof family properties.  Have you tried this?


To help in this I have included two links below with details on the family editor and guide, along with the site creation for topo surfaces within Revit.


Please keep us posted in the community and let us know how we can best help moving forward.  Thank you and we look forward to your reply.






Michael Bussiere II
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Hi Michael, You are correct, I am trying to visually represent topo surfaces that have certain layers and thicknesses and have that thickness be consistent with the shape of the existing topography in a radius of 60' for each of the locations I have information from borings.  


Being that I need to represent a thickness that rules out using topo surfaces because there is no way to include layers or create a "bottom" limit to the topo surface.  A roof element seamed to me like the best option since it can attach itself to the face of the dwg element I imported into the rvt file which has the triangulated surface of my existing topography.  And actually the roof element works very well in 3D, it creates the layers I need and follows the topo surface but where the triangulation of the "surface" (the one I created by importing the dwg), is too complex or gets too big the roof element no longer appears in my section cut.  This seems strange to me since I understand Revit can work with complex surfaces quite well.  I wonder if there is some graphic limit I'm missing.  


I will try creating a custom family, I suppose the most logical would be a face based family although I don't know if it will host to my imported dwg.  I will let you know if it works.  If you can think of any graphic limits to a complex roof showing up in section let me know. Thanks!

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