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Revit to IFC using IFC2x3 Extended FM HandOver View for COBie

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Revit to IFC using IFC2x3 Extended FM HandOver View for COBie

Hi all,


I'm attempting to align IFC mapping out of Revit to align with NBIMS Annex A COBie mapping rules and using the COBie extension for Revit parameters. I've updated the standard IFC2x3 Extended FM HandOver View.txt file to add a couple of additional parameters. However it won't seem to export the instance parameters in the Revit project to the IFC/property sets.


Does anyone have an idea why this might not be? I attach some images of the mapping table, Revit instance parameter view and Solibri Info tab.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.



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in reply to: Mark.T

Have you tried to change "ifcElement" to "IfcDoor" and see if it works  for doors only? In my case I had to list all elements in mapping file instead of using ifcElement in order to make it work.

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