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Revit to IFC Export

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Revit to IFC Export

Hello everyone,

This thread is divided in 2 questions.

1: Revit 2018 to IFC - Parametric or Brep geometry:
In one of our projects, a standard building is exported to IFC (using - Exporter - Alternate UI and IFC 2x3 Coordination View 2.0.
By opening the IFC in Zoom I noticed that some walls have a Geometry Type - Brep (Boundary Representation) and the other ones have a Parametric representation.

It's basically the same wall. They just vary a small percentage in length and one of them is above the other (same thickness though). They have the same PP (Project Parameters) and SP (Shared Parameters) ass well.

How does Revit choose which Geometry Type is represented at a IFC Level?

2. Open IFC in Revit 2018:
I opened this IFC in a new Revit Project without a Template.
Previously under IFC options, "Default Template for IFC Import" I saved a new Project as a Template to be sure that I don't use one with some parameters in it.
As I select the wall above, with Brep Geometry Type, all the Shared Parameters are still there but their value has gone.

On the other one with parametric representation, all the information that we integrated in our model, were conserved.

Has anyone noticed this before? Is there a way to reconnect the SP values with the new Project?



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