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Revit to BIM 360 Glue is not gluing consistent colors.

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Revit to BIM 360 Glue is not gluing consistent colors.


We are experiencing a trouble when exporting models to BIM 360 GLUE. For the coordination we are exporting every displine in a different single color to Glue. To make it simple, as the models are coming from external sources and updated in a regular basis, we are using a single filter to change the color of all elements. The color is fine in Revit.


We then export in DWF to Glue (to get this solid color, not having to deal with every materials every times). The result in Glue is, for example, around 50% of walls that are not colored (see all attached pictures).


I have asked this question to BIM 360 technical support but they told me this is a Revit problem...


Any though on that?



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in reply to: isaac.cb

Are you gluing from Revit or are you using the dragand drop function on the glue desktop application.


If from Revit have you tried creating view filters for all components? I have set a parameter on models.


One example would be he status of precast elements on a project. I created a parameter in the model and where Ordered, on Site, installed, Commissioned were inputted to the parameter of the item it updated on the 3d view in the model. 


This then updated the status of the 3d view of each part using the view filter. Then that 3d view was uploaded to glue and all the colours transferred thru.


Only issue I have come across with this is with cable trays. and to fix that I glued a DWF instead of an NWC.



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in reply to: s.odwyer

Hi all this stuff was tried. After contacting Autodesk support it seems this is a bug in the DWF export from revit, as both ways of getting the model in glue (revit add ins, drag and drop in glue) are resulting the same.


Still waiting on a solution from Autodesk for several months. I guess this will never be fixed. We had the same problem on multiple projects with multiple models from various sources!

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