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Revit Server

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Revit Server



I would like to know the difference between a Revit server and a revit accelerator. 

Which one of these are better to have. We haver a server on site but our main office is a 100 miles away 

and we were told to use an accelerator instead of setting up our server as a Revit server.


My question is what is better an Accelerator or setting up our server as a Revit server?


Thank you


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It depends on what you want to accomplish.


A Revit Server Host is hosting the shared models

A Revit Server Accelerator is acting a 'local' cache for a remote Revit Server Host


- If you are going to work on the same projects in both offices, a Revit Server with the Accelerator-role would be the best choice in the remote office.

- If you are working on different projects, a Revit Server Host in both offices might be the best choice


Also note that a Revit Server can have multiple roles as well (i.e. you could have a Revit Server with both Host and Accelerator roles)......


See more in: Revit Server Installation Overview


Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer

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