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Revit Server - to use or not use?

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Revit Server - to use or not use?

currently the company I work for has 3 office location all along the East Coast less than 1000 mile radius.


we have some projects on the Revit Server 2014,2015,2016,2017

other projects are network based central files. 

this presents a workshare problem when using other office locations to assist in a NON Revit Server Project (Network Drive Mapping).

Revit Server does not provide workshare monitoring, and this is used as reasoning to not use the Revit server, (I dont buy that)

workshare monitoring has its benefits to some extent, how often are users actually using it? and to what end are they using it?

the other feature not provided by Revit Server is ROLL-BACK to a previous versions (am I mistaken?)


I am trying to understand the LOGIC behind their reasoning for this dual practice approach 

what contingencies are implimented for backup,recovery, archiving, updating models in either workflow?

I do understand that TIME is always going to be the driving factor


my question is this.

are other offices using this dual practice approach , if so how have you found it to work?


thanks for any feedback provided.

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thank you
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in reply to: kadmonkee

I personally have only had bad experiences with Revit server.
One solution we had at a company was to move everything to the cloud. This way we never had a problem and had people from our east coast work along with west coast staff.
I think Autodesk provides a cloud based solution.
Good luck.
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in reply to: DigitalMemory

thank you for your feedback.

I am familiar with and have used the BIM 360 TEAM approach, 

It is a nice option, that we use on a per project basis depending on Client Needs etc.

on occassion if the cloud service goes down what then?

its happened to us in the past (longest duration 3 hrs) outages occur at the most inopportune times.

If there is any information shared that is of value please give Kudos
If a solution is provided by any posters please mark them as Solved to benefit everyone else.
thank you
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in reply to: kadmonkee

All of our projects and and offices are on Revit Servers.  While I don't see all of them, I can run a script to add them to my settings as needed.  


We also have access to C4R if we need outside disciplines to have access to our models on a daily basis.

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in reply to: kadmonkee

Yes the internet outages are a problem as they happen more often than power outages. But even a physical server shared between two offices is still at the mercy of your internet connection unless you can split the work into multiple models allocated to different teams/offices then they can work in isolation if internet goes down
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in reply to: kadmonkee

When the could is down, one can continue working on a local copy. While not ideal, it does work.


Drafting is a breeze and Revit doesn't always work the way you think it should.
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in reply to: RobDraw

We use Revit Server for intern collaboration (Europe-Asia)

But it’s more a split work organization.

In Asia they do the real architectural/structural design. (or DWG to RVT)            
When finished they extract to DWFx and e-mail it to us for check-up.

Then we transfer the project to Europe and we do the MEP engineering.
The last 10 years we had here no i-net interruption.

The i-net to Asia is really poor, we can work together on the server there, but some days there is no connection, or very slow.
So if we use 360, it will solve nothing.

Collaboration with other offices in EU is almost not existing.

On the server we have an automated system that creates every 15 min a copy for roll-back.
Simple thing. After project is finished, this will be deleted.

Here in EU Autodesk pushes the cloud solution, but our clients don’t trust the cloud.
There is also not a warrantee for leaks.



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