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Revit Server error opening models with Revit Accelerator, Hostname IP change

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Revit Server error opening models with Revit Accelerator, Hostname IP change

Currently, I have a Revit Server Connection via a VPN, having two Windows Servers connected.
The Revit Server Host Network has 8 working local users with no problems, each one has a modified version of the hosts file, I added a hostname direction to my Local Server.
10.0.03 HPSERVER
On each RSN.INI file, they connect via HOSTNAME.
The point to this is to have the same path for links on the Revit Projects. Each link is Loaded from RSN://HPSERVER/PATH on the Local Network and my Remote Network.

Now my VPN Network is defined as 5 computers;
Revit Server Host (HPSERVER)
Revit Server Accelerator
3 Users

The users had a similar configuration on the hosts file HPSERVER

It was working fine until a connection problem appears on the VPN, the final solution required to change the Revit Server Host VPN IP, I thought I only needed to update their hosts files, pointing to the new address.
The local files can be accessed with no loaded links, when a link is loaded from and the accelerator is connected, the loading process fails, sending a network connection.
I removed the environment variable of the Revit Accelerator and works, fine. But I need the Accelerator because the connection is not optimal.

I try deleting the Revit Server Accelarator Cache, I was wondering if there is some other place to reset, so the Accelerator knows that the Server Adress change, or maybe on the user computer.

The Revit Server Accelerator computer has been rebooted.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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I forgot to change the hosts file of the Revit Server Accelerator, On the log I was receiving an exception that prints the old host.

Changing the hosts file fixed the problema.

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