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Revit server accelerator

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Revit server accelerator

Hello all,
I have a revit server running in a windows server 2016 (not vm) in the office. I can work from home and connect to the server with or with out a vpn no problem. I'm using revit server 2023 and 2024.
I have set up a revit server accelerator also on windows server 2016 (not vm) at home and wanted to use this accelerator but i always have the same error, when i try to put the accelerator ip on revit. "cannot be found.."
I have rsn.ini on my machine and on the accelerator with the ip of the office. (tried both ways with vpn local ip with wan public ip with the ports 808 and 80 pointing to the server)
I can ping the revit accelerator on my LAN from my machine.
I can ping the revit server via WAN from my machine.
I can ping the revit server via WAN from the revit accelerator.
So i think this is a standard revit server installation; I just don't see where the problem is. Help is very appreciated.

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Hi @pedro.macedoGMX4W , I could not locate the issue based your current description, it is too general. So I list below method you may have a try:
- Make you revit server accelerator (home) as Server host to test if you local Revit could connect to it successfully, this is used to verify if your Revit Server accelerator was set up correctly, generally it should have same requirements as Revit Server Host. Upload service log here if it is failed.

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Thank you for you input i will give it a try and let you know.

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