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Revit Server 2022 Install for WAN use Help

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Revit Server 2022 Install for WAN use Help

Good Day! I am new to the Autodesk suite of products and I need help and a little guidance on proper set up of the Revit Server for a small firm of five architects that need to work remotely from opposite coasts. They are running Revit on their Mac laptops in Parallels (just to make this a little challenging) Is it best to set up the host on a local file server in the office or spin up an instance of Windows Server on AWS?  I have looked through all the support documentation I could find on the Autodesk site, but could not find any true information on network requirements, such as does it require a static IP, or does it have a built in DDNS? What protocols does it use to communicate? Etc......


As always, they needed it set up "yesterday."  Any direction or suggestion would be most helpful! If anyone has experience connecting to a Revit Server through Parallels on the Macintosh platform, I would love to hear from you.


Thank you!

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Hello @kjambretz


The documentation for a Revit Server Installation provided by the Revit product team is here. 

I would verify that you meet the system requirements for Revit Server 2022 before attempting to install. 


I can move this post to the Revit forum so Revit users can provide product specific advise. 


Please "Accept Solution" if a reply or replies have helped resolve the issue or answered your question, to help others in the community.


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in reply to: kjambretz

Miss Natasha,


Thank you for your reply. I did read and verify that our server hardware (virtual, or physical) met the system requirements. The information about the RSI.ini file & best practices guide was very informative as well, but some of the required networking specifics would be most helpful.

I apologize for not putting my post in the right forum. Please feel free to move it as you see fit.



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in reply to: kjambretz

Hello @kjambretz


I am glad the information was helpful. 

I have moved your post to the Revit Cloud Worksharing Forum, here you should be able to receive a response from community members that can share some administrative advise for your set up. 

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in reply to: kjambretz

@kjambretz ,


Yes, it needs a static IP, and that IP should be put into RSN.ini file on client, then Revit client would be able to access that RevitServer host on Windows Server.

For RS workflow, it uses 2 protocols, 1 is http, another one is WCF. The http is used to operate model in RSAdmin page. WCF is used transfer the real stream between Revit client and Revit Server.

1 thing I'd like to highlight here, about that IP address, please be careful. Please set up the the firewall rule on that windows server machine, otherwize it is risk that anyone can move/delete models once they know that static IP.


Hopefully, it is helpful.

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in reply to: Messi_Hu

Thank you so much for your reply! I've learned through speaking with several consultants in the AutoDesk Consultants Network that the community as a whole has moved away from this solution in favor of the hosted Construction Cloud. I am on the fence as to whether I should go down this path, or just incur the extra expense of the hosted solution that AutoDesk offers. My fear is that I will invest several months in getting it to work perfectly and then they will "end of life" the product, leaving me to then migrate to the hosted solution. Does anyone have knowledge of the product roadmap for Revit Server?

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