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Revit Server 2021 will not reinstall

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Revit Server 2021 will not reinstall


I'm attempting to reinstall Revit Server 2021 on Windows 2016. It was installed earlier today, then, as I learned more about the install - I removed 2021, Installed 2020 and changed the file location. That install failed each time with a 1603.

I have moved back to Revit Server 2021 and also get a 1603 failure each time. I'm unsure which component won't install correctly. So, figured I'd ask here. I'm also attaching my log. 


Thanks for any help!




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Thank you for the question @joejsullivan, and welcome to the Autodesk forums!


Looking at the install log I’m seeing the following line preceding the 1603 error:

MSI (s) (68:30) [00:13:00:078]: Folder is not accessible: Y:\1. PROJECTS\xRevit\


From that line I’m thinking that either the permissions for the folder are not sufficient, or that the Y:\ drive is a mapped network drive.


From the Install and Configure Revit Server help topic (emphasis added):

  • Permissions: “…If you change the drive, it must have the appropriate access rights so the Revit Server can successfully write to it. For best results, set access rights to give full control to the CREATOR OWNER and NETWORK_SERVICE users for the Cache and Projects folders (including sub-folders and files)….”
  • Network Storage: “…Note: If you opt to store data remotely on NAS/SAN environments you could have interferences,failures and/or other issues when collaborating. The paths for the Cache and Projects folders must be fully qualified UNC paths. Mapped drives will not be accepted…”

If the error continues after confirming permissions for the local folder, or reconfiguring for network location (with UNC Path), I would suggest taking the number out of the folder path (if possible) so that it uses Y:\PROJECTS\xRevit\ instead of Y:\1. PROJECTS\xRevit\.

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist
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I swore I attempted an install again using the defaults and it failed. I accepted the local paths and it did work - I uninstalled and changed to UNC paths, the install completed.


Thanks for pointing that out to me.




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