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Revit Server 2018 Admin Problems

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Revit Server 2018 Admin Problems

As we work towards rolling out Revit 2018, we are also in the process of a massive IT infrastructure upgrade. Instead of putting Revit Server 2018 on top of our old Windows Server 2008 with the older revit servers, we decided to begin the migration process to fresh new Windows Server 2016.


I understand that Revit Server 2018 states in the requirements that Windows Server 2008 or 2012 are officially supported, but we did not want to setup the new server with 2012, knowing we would need to upgrade in the near future...


The pre-req steps / requirements were slightly different between 2012 instructions (Located here: ) and the steps in 2016. I believe I got them all installed properly.


Once I had the Revit Server 2018 software installed, I restart the server and was able to access / save a project file to the server without any problems.


However, when I go to the Revit Server 2018 Administrator website, it is blank.




Any suggestions for Windows 2016 Features I may have missed or a setup file I missed on the Revit Server side?

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There is no content available within this Admin page, please make sure your RSN.ini file is recognized.


About the RSN.ini file, there're  three tips in following link:


Hope this helps!




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Luna Ye
Product Support
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I have the same problem today, after put correct RSN.ini file in server C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit Server 2018\Config\ . The problem gone. You may try it.

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