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Revit Model Not Showing Families In BIM 360 Team 3D View

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Revit Model Not Showing Families In BIM 360 Team 3D View

Hello Revit Community,


I recently got the trial for C4R/BIM 360 Team, and my boss has asked me to play with it and see if it could be useful to us (currently, we keep everything local on our server, but we want to move to the cloud approach). I've pretty much managed to figure out everything, and it works great! But here is my current my issue;


Ive done every step I could think of to upload my revit model for 3D viewing during meetings/for markups, but when I do, none of my Revit Families appear? Here are some of the steps I've tried.


1) Ive downloaded my model/all my revit links from the cloud, opened my work, saved it as a central.. opened all my revit links, saved as locale... Relinked all my revit links to my central model... Uploaded as an assembly file choosing my central model as the parent file... When viewing it, I see everyone elses model, but my modeled work is not appearing (cameras, wifi, rack and equipment locations, etc)...


2) Ive tried the same process as above but I used architectural model as parent file, this still didnt work


3) Ive tried to just open up my model that I use to do my work on. This opened up and showed all of my work, but it didnt show any of my revit links, only my work floating in the air (we design smart buildings so all of our work is designed ontop of architectural link. So if its only our model showing, its just a bunch of devices floating in the air).


What is the process that you guys use to upload to 360 Team, am i doing something wrong? Any help would be much appreciated. The program is awesome, but without our work showing up when I upload as an assembly, its kind of a useless tool (asides from the fact that all my sheets are now in the cloud too, that parts cool. But I'd really like to get the 3D view working as well!

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How C4R + BIM 360 TEAM works?


1- Each file has to be opened once on REVIT, then, using the COLLABORATION you save it on your BIM 360 Project folder.

2- After do that, you have to run REVIT, open the File you want as the MAIN, and use the REVIT LINK but browsing at BIM 360 Project folder to insert.


That´s a good idea to make a Screencast. I will record one tomorrow, and share here. But you can seek some videos on

Screencast ( ) or Youtube. 


Please, tell me if I understood your issue correctly?

Ricardo Cardial
Arquiteto Urbanista - Mentor BIM
BIM | Nuvem de Pontos na FARO do Brasil

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