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Revit LT

Is possible to use Revit LT with Bim 360 Design

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in reply to: usama

Hi Usama,

One of the biggest benefits of BIM 360 Design is the use of Revit Cloud Worksharing to have multiple collaborators work on the same workshared Revit cloud model. Since Revit LT does not have worksharing capability, it means that there's no way to use Revit Cloud Worksharing in Revit LT.


The good news is that in Revit 2019.2 we introduced "Cloud Models for Revit," a non-workshared version of a cloud model. To use this capability you need a Revit LT subscription and an entitlement to BIM 360 Document Management (purchased via BIM 360 Docs or assigned by another company). You won't be able to have multiple people work on this model at the same time, but you can participate as part of the larger BIM 360 ecosystem with native in-Revit functionality. 
You can find more info here:


Sasha Crotty
Director, AEC Design Data

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in reply to: sasha.crotty

Hi @usama,


Agreed with Sasha. BIM 360 Design is entitlement for Revit Cloud Worksharing. Revit LT cannot participate in that system.


In Revit LT 2019.2 and newer there is a new option to use 'Cloud Models for Revit' which uses a BIM 360 Docs account. With 'Cloud Models for Revit,' you can work on a 'non-workshared' single user file that is stored on the cloud (BIM 360 Docs). Keep in mind, only one person can be in the model at a time.


You would be able to upload a "non-workshared" model to BIM 360 Docs which other users can link into other "non-workshared" or workshared cloud models.


See: Cloud Models for Revit


Please mark any posts that help with "Accept as Solution" and thanks.


Kelsey Skaug
Autodesk Technical Support

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