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Revit Links Path Issue

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Revit Links Path Issue

Hi to All,
While i am linking the Revit files from the cloud . the file path location is coming to the initial folder of the project. not to the recently linked file location. because of this i am going to the same location again and again for the files which are in recent location . as even as you know we can not link the all files at one instance .

Please help me to able fix the recent location for my cloud folders.

Best Regards ,

Appalanaidu Kuna. 

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@naidukbim Você está usando um arquivo central ou apenas vínculos, se for o central deve sincronizar em momentos distintos dos demais participantes. Se for apenas vínculos os erros devem ser por o caminho ter sido modificado.

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@clebson_arquiteto Kindly Write in English for understanding ...



Best Regards ,

Appalanaidu Kuna

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