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Revit Linked models and guid

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Revit Linked models and guid

When we use C4R / Design for Revit files are downloaded and worked on from …Revit versio\CollaborationCache\<hubid>\<projectid>. In that folder we have the hostmodels with GUID names, and a folder "LinkedModels" with the linked files as GUID names.


It seems link all Revit models have the same guid for both host models, live link, shared and consumed ?




HostA use live links for LiveLinkB, and consumed for ConsumedFileC

HostB use live links for LiveLinkA, and ConsumedFileC

HostC use shared links for SharedLinkA, and SharedLinkB

Opening with all links:

1) HostA loads into LinkedModels folder LiveLinkB, ConsumedFileC

2) HostB loads into LinkedModels folder LiveLinkA, and overwrites ConsumedFileC with ConsumedFileC

3) HostC loads into LinkedModels folder overwriting LiveLinkA with SharedLinkA, and  LiveLinkB with SharedLinkB.,


Not 100% sure on this, but seems like it is working like above?! 

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excuse me can clarify more to help you sir

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Mohamed Nassar , ACP, Autodesk Ambassador Gold
BIM Support / Structure Modeler
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Well, maybe it was not so much a statement of a problem, but more an observation, that files are cached to the same folder by project, and not by host file. Meaning you may loose some of the benefits of caching links, and if you open files with closed workset and do not reload, you can end up with the wrong linked file versions. 

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