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Revit link 'Cloud path' working as 'Absolute path' ?!?!

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Revit link 'Cloud path' working as 'Absolute path' ?!?!

I have a question on how the revit link 'cloud path' works ?

Currently, I have assumption that it is working like an 'absolute path' (instead of 'relative path') which cause me a very major problem when collaboratng design, I will illutrate on an example below.



  • Architecture publish and share 'file A' which links 'file a' inside ('file a' is linking from Architect's WIP folder and setting as attahcment inside).
  • MEP who want to have  Architect freeze file consume the package and link 'file A' to their file.


------ days later ------


  • Architec update 'file a' on their WIP folder because they have to continue their work.
  • MEP - instead of having freeze link of 'file A', they got real time update link because 'file a' in WIP folder is update.

This is correct according to my assumption as the link type 'Cloud path' is working like 'Absolute path' instead of 'Relative path' which I think will solve the illustrated problem above.


I don't know if there is  any solution to solve this  by setting the 'Cloud path' to be working like 'Relative path' or this is a bug due to the design of the program.


Please help !! T_T






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in reply to: eecbim00

Thank you for the question @eecbim00!


Revit cloud models (uploaded to cloud through Revit) use neither an absolute nor a relative path to find links.


Instead a GUID (Globally Unique IDentifier) is used. This allows the link to be found even if the link is moved to another folder within the cloud project.


For the case you mentioned, wanting to control updates of nested links, I'm thinking the following workflow could be used:

  • Architectural team links file Arch_L2 (architectural link level 2) using Overlay instead of attachment into their Arch_L1 (architectural link level 1) model.
  • Architectural team publishes and shares Arch_L1.
  • Architectural team publishes and shares Arch_L2.
  • MEP team consumes and links Arch_L1.
  • If geometry from Arch_L2 is wanted/needed, MEP team consumes and links Arch_L2.
  • As there are updates Architectural team publishes and shares Arch_L1 / Arch_L2.
  • When MEP team wants to see updates, they consume Arch_L1 / Arch_L2 packages.


For those not familiar with the Consumed linking workflow, see the following article: Understanding Revit Model Linking in BIM 360 Design

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist
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in reply to: Lance.Coffey

Thank for the advice.

This solution seem to be working but still have some painpoint. Because in the aspect from MEP work, they have to link lots of file to their model. For example a project containing 4 model files. MEP have to link at least 4 files (architect) + 4 files (structure) + 4 files (interior) + landscape file = 13 files totally. And from my experience, the more file you link, the more technical probblems on the file, e.g. file corrupt, link not load even trying reload, reload from, re-add the link etc.

For my opinion linking the file int cloud work like an illustration on my question should not have problem like this. File path on cloud model should be able to work like relative path seemlessly.

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