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Revit Layers - Export to Bluebeam

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Revit Layers - Export to Bluebeam

When you export a drawing from AutoCAD the layers are available in the Bluebeam application, you can then turn them off or on in the PDF when working in bluebeam. 


I'm wondering if there is a hidden setting somewhere that allows the layers that would normally be created when Revit is exported as a DWG document, into the bluebeam document to allow for greater control when working with a Native Revit document in Bluebeam. 


I've been looking for a direct way to do this, and I'm at a complete loss. I realize that I could export as a DWG and then create a PDF out of AutoCAD, but it seems to me there must be an easier way. 



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in reply to: sunny_the_watts

Bluebeam will export the Revit object as layers in AutoCAD for those objects created.  If there are layers in the export dialog box that you want bluebeam to see and use within the PDF file, you can create objects that are associated with those layers first.  Bluebeam should see all of the revit objects, translate all of them to layers (all layers) and then be accessible via PDF inside Bluebeam.

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in reply to: dzanta

Sorry, but I must be missing something.

I'm assuming we are not talking about an export from revit to cad to pdf workaround.

I'm not seeing any layer information in the Buebeam Export dialogue or in the print dialogue.


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in reply to: Anonymous

did you ever get anywhere with this ?

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in reply to: Anonymous

seems like there should be a way to translate worksets to blue beam layers
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Not really. I know it can be done from AutoCAD. But I can't find a solution for Revit.
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in reply to: Anonymous

Nope, pretty much what sunny said. 

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