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Revit Family Parameters not exporting to Navisworks (NWC file)

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Revit Family Parameters not exporting to Navisworks (NWC file)

We are having an issue where the shared properties of a Revit model is not getting exported to NWC file. I hope you can throw some light into it.


I have performed a few tests on the issue and it appears that any nested Revit Families which has the “Shared” option ticked on in the properties doesn’t export the Shared Parameters. And any nested families with the “Shared” option unticked will get the Shared Parameters Exported. 


The following image what I meant by Shared option ticked on.



7-03-2016 9-29-01 PM.jpg




For example, in the attached Project.rvt file created in Revit 2016, I have placed a Revit Family called "Family B.rfa",

"Family B.rfa" is created with two nested Revit families called "Family A.rfa" and "Family C.rfa".


"Family A.rfa" is the rectangular box which is non-shared i.e. Shared option un-ticked.

"Family C.rfa" is the rectangular box which is shared  i.e. Shared option ticked.



7-03-2016 9-32-31 PM.jpg




And then the whole Revit Family has been assigned with a Project or Shared Parameter as shown below.




7-03-2016 9-39-02 PM.jpg




This Project.rvt file is then exported to NWC file. After exported to NWC, the family which was not shared brings in the nPS_Status property as shown below, while the family which wasn’t shared, doesn’t have the nPS_Status. The nPS_Status can be found under Elements tab inside Navisworks.




8-03-2016 1-29-22 PM.jpg




7-03-2016 9-34-32 PM.jpg





I hope this makes some sense. Please let me know your thoughts on this, and whether it would be possible to export the parameters for the non-shared revit families as well?


I have attached all the working files for this workflow. 




Sakib Ahmed

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in reply to: sakib6

Hi Everyone,


After hours of frustration, I have managed to fix this problem. Please refer to the attached video file for the complete workflow.


In this workflow you need to edit the Revit Family and include the nPS_Status parameter for each of the nested families. Then this parameter from the nested families have to be made equal to the host family parameter as shown below.






Once you have done this export to NWC file, the NWC file will have the nPS_Status displayed for all the nested families as shown below.








The only problem with this workflow is that once you have updated the Revit Family, the current nPS_Status information is lost, and you need to re-insert them again.


I haven’t done much research whether it is possible to retain the current parameter, but I think we can use Ideate BIMLink to create a schedule before updating the families, and then link this schedule after the family has been updated.




Sakib Ahmed

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in reply to: sakib6

Wow. nice work Sakib!. thanks for sharing your fix. i had a similar issue a while back.


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