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Revit familly with Sharepoint

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Revit familly with Sharepoint

Hi All


Newbie in this integration.......Hope i post in the right Board


We are being ask to load Revit family to a vanilla sharepoint site (2013 or the most recent version).


Is there a webpart we can deploy to read Family properties ( or i think it is being call Parameters in Revit) and have them shown in a doclib as column?


From there I believe we have Type and Instance parameter ( hope i have understand all this correctly)


Best is if we could have seach or filter predefine to help get start.



Cross my fingers someone can answer this question or point me in the right direction.



Thank you All




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in reply to: luc.poulin

To answer your question directly, no there isn't a webpart for Sharepoint already set up for this (at least not one I'm aware of... but that would be awesome!).


What you're asking for isn't impossible or altogether difficult.  The thing is you might have to tackle the API and do some custom programming to get it to read properly.  How are your c#, c++ or VB skills?


If you don't want to head down that path, there are some Revit family manager programs out there that do similarly.  You could have those run and then save the result to your Sharepoint.

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in reply to: luc.poulin

My short recommendation
Don't waste your time with SharePoint and Revit been there done that.
The solutions that work are complex and expensive
Get UNIFI and relax
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3-2-1 3 copies of data on two separate media 1 offsite.


And Unifi doesn't allow for reload from for catalog based families and there are other gaps.


SharePoint's big issue is its flat organization. Managing data in there requires a database.

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