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Revit does not see folder structure of A360 C4R Hub

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Revit does not see folder structure of A360 C4R Hub

I have folders set up on the A360 Hub for our project to keep archived versions. Seems like a good idea, but the problem is, Revit does not recognize any folder heirarchy from the A360 location. In The open dialog, I see every version of the project we've archived. This does not seem like appropriate behavior. Can anyone explain what's going on and why?

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yes, what you see is true - all .rvt files, no tree structure. seems unusual, but in some ways it could be not such an issue. 


i keep all manual archived .rvt files, off of A360 and onto my LAN/WAN. this way only current models are shown to my users. If needed, I rely on the A360 archive mechanism for 'live' backups/archives.

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There seems to be some confusion regarding the connection between what shows up in the Revit open dialog, and what shows up on the A360 Team project page.

When you save a project to the Collaboration for Revit (C4R) service the model is uploaded to the C4R server, and then automatically published to the selected A360 Team project.

This creates a connection between the model on A360 Team, and the model on C4R, but they are not the same file. The active file that changes as users synchronize resides on the C4R server. This file can be manually published to A360 (updating the model on the A360 team project page).

While you can move projects to different folders after they are published from C4R, this does not affect the connection, but as you’ve found the folder created on A360 team is not pushed to the C4R server, and does not show up within Revit.

If you want to create an independent Revit model (to archive a version of the model), you could do one of the following:
-    Save locally:
    o    Open the A360 model in Revit.
    o    Save to a new local file.
    o    Upload the file to A360 Team
-    Download from A360 Team:
    o    Download a copy of the project from A360 Team.
    o    Upload this model to the A360 team project through the browser.
Note: Both of these options would create a model which is on the A360 team project page, but is not on the C4R server (only models saved through Revit are stored on C4R). These would not show up in the open dialog when accessing C4R.

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist
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Thanks for the clarification Lance!


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