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Revit Communicator Not Working

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Revit Communicator Not Working

Hi All,


I am fairly new to the C4R game and I am having this issue where I recently changed my username on my Autodesk account and now Communicator will not open when I go into my cloud models (never had a problem before I changed my username). Even when I click on it in the Collaborate tab, it looks like it's loading for a bit but nothing appears. There is no place to sign out and then sign back into Communicator to fix this issue because it doesn't even come up. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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Thank you for taking your time to post this on the forum, 


Could you try and change your username under the Revit settings to match the one from your signin? 


Best Regards,

Jacob Westergaard

Autodesk Premium Support Team
AEC Premium Support Services
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I have signed into my Autodesk account in Revit, and made sure this corresponds to my username under File -> Options. Is this what you are talking about? I have even uninstalled and reinstalled Revit, but the problem still exists. I'm assuming it's some setting somewhere?

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