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Revit Collaboration Team Members and Access

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Revit Collaboration Team Members and Access


I currently am using Revit Collaboration for a group university project. Initially we started using the 30 free trial, but I have now kindly received a grant license from autodesk. I have elected the license to the team hub and have invited all my group members to the project and set there status as 'team member' not 'project contributer' . I am curious however, seeing as they did not receive the license, only I, will they be subject to the end of trail date or as team members will they be able stay on for as long as the license. 

Your help is appreciated. 


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You will need to allocate a Collaboration for Revit subscription to each of those users, or else they will lose access starting October 19th.



Kyle Bernhardt
Building Design Strategy
Autodesk, Inc.

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Also as a point of clarification, There are a couple of subscriptions/Entitlements at work here to be aware of.


BIM 360 Team Subscription:

Allows users to participate in projects on a hub as either Team Members or Project Contributors.  Generally Team Members are in the same company as whoever created the hub and have the ability to create projects and see other projects on the hub.  Project Contributors cannot create new projects and can only see projects they have been invited to.  Both roles can upload/download and potentially edit new files within a project through the website or on a mobile device.  The BIM 360 Team subscription alone does not allow Revit worksharing.


Collaboration for Revit Subscription:

Allows users who are already a Team Member or Project Contributor on a hub to workshare on Revit models within a BIM 360 Team Project.  Customers who purchase Collaboration for Revit DO ALSO RECEIVE a BIM 360 Team subscription.


So, if you purchase Collaboration for Revit you do not also need to buy BIM 360 Team, however, you may have stakeholders to a project that do not work in Revit but still need to share files, review and do markups etc, who may need a BIM 360 Team subscription even if they do not need Collaboration for Revit.  


As an example there may be 100 people on a project but only 30 of those users are worksharing in Revit.  In that case you may elect to purchase 30 Collaboration for Revit Subscriptions and 70 BIM 360 Team Subscriptions (assigning 50 of those as Team Members and 20 of those as Project Contributors).


Hope that helps clarify,

Adam Peter
Customer Program Manager
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Still way too expensive. Every client I work with is ditching collaboration and looking at alternative methods.


Also, IMO Autodesk have missed a trick here. Revit should give access to collaboration free by default. That way it will serve as a monitor for the use of pirate software.




1) Company 'A' subcontracts to cad work to company 'B'. Company 'B' uses illegal software to complete the work. Autodesk looses




2) Company 'A' puts the model into collaboration for company 'B' to work on. Company 'B' must have a legal copy of Revit attached to their ID in order to win the work. Autodesk recoup costs of legal Revit licenses. Autodesk wins


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