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Revit Collaboration Suite-Trial

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Revit Collaboration Suite-Trial

Hello all, 


I have scoured through the community but couldnt find an answer to my question and perhaps its a dumb question but here goes. As a small business owner I am looking into possibly subscribing to the Revit Collaboration suite so I have decided to take the trial for a spin. However, when downloading the Collaboration Suite trial does it only download Revit? Being that the suite is supposed to include AutoCAD as well? It seems like it only prompts you to install Revit and not ACAD. Am I overlooking something here? I appreciate anyone who can provide me with any help. 

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His is the info page on Revit Collaboration Suite:


Perhaps the download you tried was not working properly.  Did you go thru the installation process?  Perhaps the setup window will show you Revit and AutoCAD as software available to just need to put a checkmark in the boxes

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Our team has attempted to install this collaboration suite on different stations and we all end up with just options to install Revit and 360 but no autocad. Seems like it may be an issue on Autodesks end in regards to the trial installer.

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My  apologies for all the confusion, it turns out that the AutoCAD trial button was left off of the Trial page.  We are working to get that fixed ASAP.  In the mean time, please just download the trial from the AutoCAD page:



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Is there a free trial available in Germany? So far I just found downloads for US/UK which didn't work out from Germany.

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And so how do you use revit files with autocad? convert them to a different format?

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