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Revit Cloud Worksharing Resiliency Update

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Revit Cloud Worksharing Resiliency Update

Hi everyone, 


In the spirit of openness and transparency we thought we’d share with you some of the behind the scenes work happening at the Factory to improve the resiliency and scalability of Revit Cloud Worksharing. We plan to provide periodic updates here to share our progress with you as we continue to evolve the service. Here’s a glimpse at what’s happened with the service over the last few weeks. 


Service Improvements 


  • The team noted recent poor behavior of Communicator due to server capacity thresholds. The team increased the size of the allocated database to prevent recurrence of the issue. 
  • The team deployed multiple security updates. 
  • An updated build fixing the issues believed to have caused the May 14th outage was released into production after extensive testing. You've been working with this build for over four weeks. 
  • The team is currently working on support for GDPR requirements for data removal. This is giving us an opportunity to address some technical debt which will help the service run more efficiently. 
  • We are also working on a sync activity indicator that will help users in BIM 360 Document Management-based projects identify when others are in the process of syncing with central. This will help improve sync times by reducing conflicting syncs. 
  • The team met for an extensive brainstorming and prioritization exercise to identify ways that we can improve the service to limit the impact of unexpected events. The outcome of this exercise will help us plan our upcoming work. 

Process Improvements 


  • As explained in a previous outage summary post, the team improved the AMI deployment documentation to help with future deployments. 
  • We have extended our checklists and reference wikis for more timely and efficient resolution of error conditions. 
  • We joined an Autodesk-wide discussion on how we can improve customer communications for outages. 
  • Revit Cloud Worksharing maintained its SOC2 compliant status after a regularly scheduled audit. 

Thanks for your time and I hope this update provides some insight into our plans and process. Watch this space for future updates on our resiliency and scalability efforts. 





Sasha Crotty
Director, AEC Design Data


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