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Revit Cloud Worksharing (C4R) Operations Unavailable - May 14, 2018

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Revit Cloud Worksharing (C4R) Operations Unavailable - May 14, 2018

The Revit Cloud Worksharing (C4R) service is currently unavailable. We are aware of the problem and are working hard to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We will post updates as we know more.


Kevin Short
Senior Product Owner
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in reply to: Kevin.Short

Thanks for the update.


This is the second time in the last 2 month. On 21 mars it was down 3 hours. This worries me a lot. Hopefully you will provide an explanation and what you are going to improve so this will never happen again.


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in reply to: Kevin.Short

Hi Kevin


We are a large organization with global offices, the downtime experienced has a knock on effect onto our productivity in the offices.


Will we be compensated accordingly for the loss as a result of the unplanned downtime by Autodesk?


Kind Regards


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in reply to: Kevin.Short

Surely after the maintenance carried out at the weekend and the issues previously encountered this should be eliminated by now?


Our company is losing money every time this happens as there are 9 operatives working on the same project at the same time. Something we pay for which is clearly not working properly and like others I feel we should be reimbursed for this lack of service.





The Revit Cloud Worksharing (C4R) service is currently unavailable. We are aware of the problem and are working hard to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We will post updates as we know more.

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Agreed with above. This really throws a spanner in the works and has disrupted a number of massive projects in our organization.

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I agree. Downtime should be subtracted from License subscription fees.

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in reply to: Kevin.Short

As someone told before, it's the second time in 2 months. We are losing hours of work. 

We are a company that has offices in 3 different countries and it's the only way we can work together. 

I hope this is solved soon.


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in reply to: halsf

I also asked the same question of compensation back then and it was ignored.


Surely this must be sorted soon



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in reply to: J-Ri

We apologize for the March/Mars 21 outage. That outage was a result of a failed database indexing operation; we have taken actions since that time that should prevent such a problem from ever happening again.


For the current issue, we don't fully understand the cause at this time as investigation is still underway, but it doesn't appear to be related in any way to cause of the March 21 issue. I will update my original message as we learn more.

We apologize for any impact this has on you, and appreciate your patience.

Kevin Short
Senior Product Owner
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in reply to: Kevin.Short

Come on Guys...It's bad enough I have to go to work at 4:00am EST, but to be sitting here for 2+ hours and not be able to work?  It's getting to the point where I can't trust this anymore, especially considering what we're paying for this.....

Bosses are not pleased.



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in reply to: Kevin.Short

No service in the UK either as of 10.15am GMT.

The same outage occurred on 21st March, affecting the entire world. We have urgent projects suffering due to this outage, as I'm sure do others.

Whilst the issue was fixed fairly quickly last time, if this continues to happen we cannot rely on C4R cloud-sharing. I'm busy trying to convince my company that cloud-based C4R/BIM360 is the future, but now I am thinking that our clunky old Revit Server might be best.

Please keep us updated, it's just as frustrating not getting any news as it is being affected by the lack of service.


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in reply to: Kevin.Short

Any idea of when the software will be up and running again, a specific or just vague ETA of sorts?



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Yip, it can be a tough sell as it is, but with these kinds of issues, expect a massive delay in market penetration. As great as the product is, its not somthing that can work intermittently.

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in reply to: RachelAndrews

Many of you have asked about compensation related to the outage. I appreciate your concern. I am part of the team investigating the issue, and our priority is to restore the service to full operational capability. Because of this, I'm not in a position to answer licensing/compensation questions, but I will bring your concerns to those who can address them.

Kevin Short
Senior Product Owner
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in reply to: Kevin.Short

We are also losing money rapidly due to the cloud being down with 9 operatives unable to work.


this is completely unacceptable!!


i never did understand why the cloud is designed in a way that you are unable to work offline, surely the software should be configured in a way that you arte able to work offline on your local model, then only upload to the cloud when you are ready to send your changes to the cloud model.


it means that any reason for no internet ie ISP being down or the cloud itself being offline that all work grinds to a halt at massive costs to companies.


I also agree that downtimes should be compensated as the software is a huge cost to all. 

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Please apologize by refunding this year's license... If we don't meet client's deadlines, it costs us money...
And also, please apologize by realizing at least 10% of the outstanding Revit IDEAS customers delivered to you. 10% SHOULD be a realistic target to solve EVERY year...


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Do you have an approximately time estimate how long it will take to solve this issue?


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in reply to: Kevin.Short

Without repeating the other's sentiments regarding the cost of the downtime, can i add that it would be extremely helpful and appreciated if we could have an estimation of how long the downtime will last. Even if you can't tell for certain when it will be fixed, if you know that it won't be within the next few hours for example, that would be very helpful information to enable us to plan our resources to best minimise the impact which the downtime is having our projects. 

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Re: Cloud Worksharing Operations are Degraded - 5/14/2018 - Autodesk Community- Revit Cloud Worksharing

i started new post initially but now you have started a official thread so copying my issue here, hopefully i will get answer here.


This happened again in less than 1.5 month and seems across many countries. My whole team is waiting again since morning and we have to deliver the models to clients. please note that is very difficult to tell clients about such issues and give reason for not working on the models. I gave few suggestions last time to avoid such issues but those are not implemented. their should be some system where team should be able to keep continuing their work and once issue is resolved then we can sync. other wise this way we can keep loosing several hours. please take this seriously or people will move to other platforms like citrix etc. this is paid service and we are not getting enough support.

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in reply to: Kevin.Short

As I read all the post about compensation to which I agree fully. You are only fooling yourself that someone at Autodesk will actually read this and do something about it.


My concern is why does it keep happening. It does not matter to us the users if the problem was the same as before or a new one. It shouldn't happen in the first place. When I go to seminars you only hear complaints about Revit icloud not operation correctly. Which is not good when trying to convince bosses that icloud is the way to go and the future of document control.


As others have said. Think its time to ditch this Autodesk icloud as its more complicated then its worth. The only reliability this service has is that its goes out of service frequently. 

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