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Revit Cloud - First Time User

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Revit Cloud - First Time User

I work for a construction company and recently I was asked to explore how I could upload Revit projects so that the file is always up to date for my coworkers to see and use. It looks like the cloud is the easiest way to go but I am having some trouble uploading files. It also is a bit confusing! I invited one person and their screen looks totally different than mine and I am unable to upload files. Can anyone assist or point me in the right direction? I'm not sure if the cloud is the best route or not... the goal here is just to always have the most updated version of the project I am working on handy for someone else to access.


Thank you!

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Hi kthomsonYM6EY
To upload your model to BIM360 Cloud could be the best here as anyone can just log in to BIM360 and see the lasts publish version of your Revit model.

Here is how you should upload your model : 

Step 1

Under the collaborate tab select Collaborate


Step 2 


Select  in BIM360



 Then from this point on select the BIM360 location you want to have your file located in.

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