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Revit BIM model workflow

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Revit BIM model workflow


I am new to Revit. We want to put together our existing building in Revit for facility management. The building has several cells for manufacturing, servicing, etc. that is typical in north American industrial plant. We also do addition, demolition and upgrades time to time. We also have to do maintenance on HVAC, Electrical equipment etc.

My question is " How many models should l have?"

(1) Structural +

(2) Architectural 

(3) Operations Equipment (Structural+Arch linked)

(4) MEP (Structural+Arch linked)

or Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing separate with Structural+Arch linked


Every time we upgrade or make changes to facility, we have to issue drawings. In which model we should create construction sheets? Wouldn't it make file large after 2-3 years if we keep adding views and sheets? Also how we keep record of old layouts.


Right now we have separate models for external walls, internal walls, roofs, structural, equipment

We link models to create new project.

Anyone knows best workflow for facility management? Please remember we build walls, windows and small rooms within the building all the time for upgrades.








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