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Revit 2020 Linked Model makes it unable to open or sync.

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Revit 2020 Linked Model makes it unable to open or sync.



Our team is having difficulties with a Linked revit model, which basically only contains Rooms.

We use said model link in order for us to add room tags into our project.


The problem has occurred several times before, which makes us easily lose a days work or two.


We can start up the project with all worksets closed, after opening up one by one we found that it's always the same link giving problems. 

The other teams working in the project don't have any problems with this link, it's only our department.


We already tried putting back to last working published version (which made it work again for 2 weeks),

We removed the link ( which seems to take a few hours before it's actually removed), and reloaded from...


The link itself is working if opened separately outside the project.


We keep running into this problem over and over again, what are we missing?


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where are located your links? is there a permission on the folder or files?

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We solved it, the problem was within the linked model which only contained rooms, said rooms within the model did not match with our model as we had some architectural changes to multiple rooms. After adjusting the linked model it started  working flawlessly. 

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